Having a bad back as a plumber does not go well. I have to watch what I do. Dr. Ray has kept me on my feet and earning a living. The care is excellent! The staff is friendly and warm.


After dealing with pain in my right hip and back area for several years, I went to an orthopedic surgeon who gave me three options: oral steroids, cortisone spinal shot, and if those did not work… spinal fusion by surgery. I tried the steroid medication and got violently sick. I didn’t like the other options, so I went to a “last resort” decision to see a chiropractor.

I felt so much more hopeful after Dr. Fisher explained to me the treatment he was going to use along with the improvements he anticipated. My pain and pins and needles down my leg started to improve right away.

Definitely try working with Dr. Fisher… he has helped my condition so very much. One thing that sets their office above the rest is their laser therapy and decompression treatments. I am very confident in recommending Dr. Fisher.


Procare has been an amazing solution. I was in Physical Therapy for years before I went to Dr. Susan at Procare. My back pain has reduced significantly and I can move around with ease. The staff is professional and very friendly. The treatment I received is exceptional. I would recommend Laser Therapy for anyone with Chronic Pain Syndrome. Procare, keep doing what you’re doing!


99% Better! Thank you Dr. Susan! I couldn’t turn my head and had to sleep in a chair at night. I would get up 3-5 times a night due to the pain. Now I can do everything! I think people should consider coming to Procare. They are outstanding. Dr. Susan, I want to thank you again!


I have seen other chiropractors before. I didn’t seem to get much relief. It got to the point where I had pain every day, 10/10. Walking and housework got put on hold. After seeing Dr. Fisher I can now walk better, complete house work, and SLEEP without pain. The Laser Therapy is very affordable! I talk to many people about Dr. Fisher and how he has helped me and my husband. The staff is very pleasant and understanding. Dr Fisher is very kind, the therapy girls meet you with smiles and go out of their way for you. Keep up the good work!

Ann and Clarence

I suffered from low back pain and knee pain, 6-7/10 pain levels. Dramatic results, I feel so much better. I felt Dr. Roddan listened closely to my symptoms. Amy was great to work with when rescheduling visits. Dawn is very good at conducting therapy. After weekly visits at Procare, I feel great with out surgery! If you stay consistent, Procare will get you healthy.


Six years ago I had to have back surgery for a herniated disc. Two years later I again required surgery for another herniated disc. My back pain continued to affect every aspect of my life. From being unable to work, unable to find a comfortable position to relax or even sleep. In my profession, a good nights rest is crucial. The pain was merely debilitating.

I began care at Procare Chiropractic, using Decompression Therapy. The care I received helped me to avoid lengthy and expensive surgeries. It enabled me to avoid long periods of work loss by quickly treating the sudden back pain as it occurs.

Procare Chiropractic offers immediate and successful pain relief. The clinic is a full service facility that utilizes everything from traditional adjusting methods, to the latest therapy techniques, including Decompression Therapy. The Doctors have the knowledge to recommend the best coverage of treatment for each individual person.

The Procare staff has always been kind and helpful to me. They have created a relaxing atmosphere for anyone needing healthcare. I would recommend Procare to anyone who is struggling with back pain, whether it is minor or severe. They have the facility to address any pain level and I am sure they will keep me functioning as well!


I was involved in an accident 28 years ago and have suffered from back, neck, rib and foot pain since. Frustrated with the lack of relief from other providers, I turned to Procare and was given a balance of an evaluation, action plan and treatment plan. Thanks to ProCare, I can once again do common daily home maintenance, yard work and walk . . . all much better than I could have even hoped for! I would absolutely recommend ProCare to others. I feel that I am listened to by the staff and I feel part of their team!


Over time, I was having more and more low back pain as well as hip pain. It was getting to the point that chores around the house were beginning to be painful – even standing up, washing dishes gave my back much pain. The thought of physical activities such as roller skating with my kids or aerobics was becoming a thing of the past with my hip pain. I wasn’t able to bend over to clean without using something to push myself up.

Procare is great, I felt very comfortable and she has been very good at explaining my condition so I understood what she was trying to accomplish. My hip no longer hurts which is most encouraging from treatment. When I look back at where I started and where I am now, I’m amazed it took me so long to get help.


I am a Pro Press technician, and have had lower back pain for the last two years. I was under chiropractic care, which helped out in time but when I aggravated my back a second, I realized I needed to see someone who could give me greater results.

Since first coming to Procare Chiropractic, I was introduced to the Decompression Therapy. After my first treatment, I felt stretched out and was more mobile. Before my Decompression treatment, I had difficulty bending and twisting. Now I can move, bend and twist with no problem. I began to feel better after each treatment.

The staff at ProCare are kind and generous people who make you feel good each time you are there. They are personable with their patients. Procare is the place to go for your all chiropractic needs. You will see results if you follow the treatment schedule your doctor has personally prescribed for you!

Eli A.

I was previously hospitalized because of pain & not able to ambulate without a walker. My initial pain level was beyond a 10. When I started coming to Procare and began Decompression Therapy, my pain level fluctuated between a 6-7. I was impressed with my initial exam and x-ray discussion. It was helpful in making me realize what I experienced and the objective we were striving to achieve. I am now able to do most activities that had limited me to a walker for movement. My results have been very encouraging. I am more and more confident with each treatment. People who have seen me before and after cannot believe my progress and improvement. I would recommend the Decompression Therapy to others.

The staff at Procare is very courteous, professional and encouraging. The attention to detail and the follow-up sets them above others.


My recommendation is to see Dr. Roddan at once. You will not regret it! He’s super. It was truly a wonderful experience. The people are very nice and friendly.


I had mild to severe pain while walking, and was seeing a medical Doctor. My first response to chiropractic care was a good one. The therapy I received sets Procare Chiropractic above others. I am now able to walk and climb stairs as well as shop and take care of myself. Dr. Roddan’s chiropractic care has spared me assisted living. I would refer others to Procare because I am confident of the overall outcome.


When I first came to ProCare, I had been suffering from low back pain for many years. I was also suffering with severe headaches, low back pain and Fibromyalgia. I saw many doctors, but none could help me. I was having such severe headaches I had to go to the emergency room several times. I couldn’t keep up with my housework, laundry or even socialize. Very few people, including the doctors, understood the nature of my illness. When I started Decompression Therapy at Procare, it very comfortable, and soon after my pain level was greatly decreased. The adjustments were relieving my headaches. I rarely ever had them any more, and when I did they were very mild. He got me involved in the process of educating myself about Fibromyalgia to help in correlation with my treatment. The staff at ProCare are unusually friendly and helpful. I tell others with back problems to come to ProCare.


Twenty years ago I injured my shoulder at work. I received treatment but it never really healed my shoulder. I thought that I would be forced to live with the pain for the rest of my life. I learned to avoid the things that bothered or aggravated it. Once beginning treatment I started to improve. I felt better than I had ever expected. I can now do the things I once could not do, including raising my arm above my head.


In 1980 I ruptured a disc in my back. I was in extreme pain until my surgery in 1985. With in a couple months following the surgery, the pain returned. I began to seek alternative treatment in the form of Chiropractic care. My results were life changing, I was free from pain! That was 23 years ago, and I believe I will be pain free for years to come! Because of the care I received at ProCare Chiropractic, I have been able to live a normal life. I now can enjoy my family, nature and being active without pain. Now I can walk long distances, lift my grandson and even DANCE!!

The staff at Procare are caring and professional people. They have always been kind, friendly and helpful to me. The atmosphere is a peaceful, gentle setting. I feel comfortable at all times when I am in the clinic, and I can tell people at ProCare care about their patients! When you need help, they make time to see you as quickly as possible. I recommend ProCare to everyone because my life was changed. The one thing that sets them apart form others, is the effectiveness of their treatments.